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2014-04-07 11:53:35
Master Plan Approved for Canyon Centre Project

Redevelopment of Canyon Racquet Club Property Moving Forward

After years of negotiations about the future of the site, the Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission has officially approved the master plan for the Canyon Centre project by local developer CW Management Corporation.

“As of March 5, phase one of the development has been approved, which will include a major underground parking structure and ‘Building One,’ a three-story office building on the southeast corner of the property,” Senior Planner Glen Goins said.

In addition to the office structure, the project will include public parking, a hotel, restaurants, retailers and a central plaza with an amphitheatre.  

Canyon Centre Project

Each building in the development will be presented to the planning commission for approval prior to construction.

Phase One will lay the groundwork for one of the most important aspects of the Canyon Centre project: increased public parking access. 

McCandless estimates that it will include approximately 550 parking stalls, most of which will be completely open to the public on nights, weekends, and holidays. (During the weekdays, a majority of spaces will be dedicated to office building tenants and visitors, but some public spaces will remain.)

“There are currently only 85 stalls in the lot at the bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon and only 40 or so on Ft. Union, so this should really help weekend recreationalists catch a bus and get up into the Canyons,” said McCandless.

Phase One will also include a restaurant/brew pub, a hotel, six outdoor plazas with natural gas fire pits, a Farmer’s Market area and community greenspace/park framed by two waterfalls

'This is a place that people can come and have lunch. We hope to have farmers markets there, art shows, movies in the park... This will be such a beautiful setting right at the mouth of the canyon,' Community and Economic Development Director Brian Berndt said.

Building Restrictions

The next few months will involve tying up the development agreement, submitting building plans to the city and waiting for their review, but McCandless thinks construction could be underway by July.

While members of the community expressed an overall support for developing the property, many were concerned with the height and size of the proposed offices as well as increased traffic in the area. Representatives from CHVoters, a group of residents concerned with planning and zoning changes in the city, argued that even with conditional use approval, the building exceeds the height allowance written in the city code for a mixed use property.


The approved office building will be four stories above ground on the north and west sides, with three levels of parking below ground. However, the code also indicates that the city can use the original grade of the property to determine height. On the Wasatch Blvd. side, only 2.5 levels of the building will be visible according to Canyon Centre representative Chris McCandless. Because part of the bottom level is below the original grade, it's not counted for measuring purposes.

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